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Cassandra Vangellow

Cassandra Vangellow is a journalism and political science senior at the University of Florida. She lived in western New York until deciding to pursue her undergraduate studies at UF.

As an avid Disney fan, Vangellow enjoys visiting Walt Disney World. She has participated in two Disney Princess Half Marathons and hopes to eventually run a marathon. She is a self-identified “coffee addict” and does not travel far without her gold card from Starbucks.

She has enjoyed interning in the communications field, including positions at the UF Foundation Office of Donor Relations and the Pittsford Central School District. She has also served as a research assistant for a doctoral student, as well as a web producer in the Innovation News Center.

She plans to pursue a law degree in either North Carolina or Washington, D.C. Vangellow aspires to study corporate or intellectual property law. With the use of her journalism and law degrees, Vangellow eventually hopes to become a political analyst for a major news network.

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